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“An Outstanding Job…”

Crystal - You did an outstanding job making this a happy customer. Thank you for your extra efforts to keep the shop running smoothly while we were on vacation last month and while Brad was out last week. You did a great job with everything. We really appreciate your positive attitude and willingness to help! We couldnĂ­t have done those events without you! Thank You!

Brad and Kimberly (The Bosses)

“Thanks for All Your Help…”

Thanks for all your help on Wading Home. I wish you good health, happy home, and good fortune for you, your husband and your son! Consider this your official invitation to the opera. :) April 2 at the Dallas City Performance Hall 7:00pm.

Mary Alice Rich

“The Look and Layout are Fantastic…”

The look and layout are fantastic. You did a great job choosing and laying out the pictures.

Lanell Armstrong
Founder / President / Crossfire Ministries

“Love the changes… And the Colors!”

Love the changes. And the colors! I'm glad they have bold meaning. Thank you for this new look. It helps me feel that the campaign is off to a good start!

Joanna Cattanach
Candidate for Texas House District 108

“Thanks for all of your Hard Work…”

Yea!!!! Looks great 'n thanks for all of your hard work, Crystal.

Jason Franklin
Board Certified - Personal Injury Trial Law / Texas Board of Legal Specialization

“You Caught a Huge Mistake!”

I have a call into you, but don't worry about calling back if this fixes it. You caught a huge mistake! Thank you so much! I am sending the file back to you with the mistake in red. Thanks so much!!!!

Betty Rosenthrall

“A Great Job and I So Appreciate You…”

I want you to know you feel like a family member. We've been doing these pictures together for a long time, Crystal, and that familiarity brings me comfort and peace. You always do such a great job and I so appreciate you. I will eagerly await your call. Thank you!

Nancy Minter

“U are a Miracle Worker, Crystal!”

Whoo hooo!!!!! U are a miracle worker, Crystal! Thank you so much for the note. With your clear instructions, FedEx was able to understand what I needed with minimal questions asked. You're great to work with as well and I'm looking forward to working with you again in the near future. Have a lovely weekend!

Cami Felix
GMEI Planner / Etc Group

“An Amazing Job as always…”

Crystal - An amazing job as always - thank you so much.

Patty Joan (P.J.) Hines

“Especially Crystal Chapman… Caring, patient, and dedicated…”

I want to take this time to thank your team, and especially Crystal Chapman, for the amazing work she did on my project. She worked with me for months produce manuscript copies of our family prayer book, an original book published in 1785. This book has been handed down through generations of our family and is very precious to us. We couldn't have found anyone more caring, patient, and dedicated to producing the best copy possible for our family. We were blessed to find her and tap into her talent for our project. I can't wait to show off a copy of the final book after the manuscript is bound and complete. Thank you again. We are forever grateful.

Suzanne Griggs

“Outstanding… Very attractive and readable… Perfection”

Your design and graphic work on our Villager newsletter was outstanding. Your graphics were creative and well placed, your design of the pages was well balanced, and your use of color was perfection, making the pages very attractive and readable. All of us at Hazel Crest are amazed by the creativity of your graphics. Mayor Robert Donaldson is always extremely happy with your work. The Mayor said he hopes you continue to design our newsletter because you do such a beautiful job. Every issue, you do an extraordinary job, and on behalf of Hazel Crest officials, I'd like to thank you for your hard work and creativity. I have seen firsthand the great effort you pour into our newsletter to make it look so wonderful. You take great pride in your work, and it shows. Lastly, it's always a pleasure to work with you because of your great personality. Keep up the superb work. You are an A-Number One designer.

Mary Paleologos
Public Information Director / Village of Hazel Crest

“Assisting me today in a pinch…”

Thank you very much for assisting me today in a pinch with making copies of my cover letter. You were so kind to step in and print my letters for me right before my big meeting. I did not know what I was going to do after exhausting Plans A and B. The meeting went well and my fingers are crossed. I will not forget your good deed and will visit your print shop if I am lucky enough to get invited back to your building! I have friends in your area, too, and will be glad to refer them to you. Thank you, again, very much. Have a super rest of the week!

Alyssa Krahmer